parking control at Ashley/Byron intersection

Traffic at the intersection of Byron Avenue and Ashley Street is becoming problematic. At the request of several Samish neighbors who use the intersection frequently or live in the immediate area, we asked the city traffic department to consider approving stop signs on Ashley making it a 4-way stop. After due consideration by the Traffic Section of Public Works, it was judged not to meet the requirements for a 4-way stop. This was explained to us by Eric Johnston, at that time Assistant Public Works Director, at our March 2019 General Meeting. However, to increase visibility from the stop signs on Byron the city did approve painting yellow “No Parking” stripes along the Ashley curbs. This has the favorable effect of improving visibility for drivers approaching the intersection on Byron thus making the intersection safer for everyone.

leash signs at Elwood/40th open space

The large open field bordered by 40th Street and Dumas Avenue is popular for dog walking. This area is city property but not a dog off-leash area. Neighbors walking in this area, with and without their own dogs, found that some large dogs off-leash and not under the owner’s control were intimidating and in some cases frightening. We asked the city to post signs around the area reminding dog walkers that city code requires that dogs be on leash. They responded by posting several signs. We ask all dog owners to respect this reminder in consideration of their neighbors’ concerns.

ProvideD Input to WTA Bus Routing

WTA proposed significant changes in Fall 2018 to the 533 bus route that navigates the outer perimeter of Samish neighborhood on its route to downtown Bellingham. The points of service would have been greatly diminished for our neighborhood residents. SNA provided a neighborhood perspective in a letter sent to WTA and others – listing our concerns about the proposed routing and made some constructive suggestions. Early in 2019, WTA responded by reinstating the original bus route to Samish neighborhood. This new expanded route, still called 533, went into service in mid-June 2019. We are grateful to neighborhood residents and to the neighborhood Board for making enough noise to not just preserve bus service to our neighborhood but to improve it.

Opening of Ridgemont Park (810 38th St)

The Ridgemont Park renovation project began in November 2018 and was completed in early February 2019. It didn’t take neighborhood residents very long at all to notice the improvements to the park as there has been a noticeable uptick in park use throughout 2019.

Samish Heights Logging Project (2018-2019)

Samish Heights, Inc. (a private landowner group) filed a Class III Application for a 10-Year Forest Management Plan with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for a parcel of private land (within the Bellingham Urban Growth Area) situated above both Wildwood Drive and Whitewater Drive.  The application was approved in late 2018 by the DNR and allowed for various forest activities to proceed. Logging of approximately 63 acres was completed in April - June 2019.  It is expected that reforestation (replanting of native tree species) will commence in March - April 2020 as part of the governing Forest Management Plan.

Check out our MAP for the logging project.