SNA held a successful interest meeting with residents from the Puget and Samish neighborhoods in May 2019. If you’re interested learning more about the presentation and neighborhood input, you can read a summary of the interest meeting (link is posted below). There is also a link below to a timeline that was presented at the May meeting on the history of the San Juan Blvd.

Docketing of the proposal to amend the city’s Comprehensive Plan was approved by the City Council on July 9, 2018. Recall that docketing does not mean approval. Docketing means only that the proposal is added to the list of proposals to be considered by the city in the future.

Subsequently, the applicants requested and were granted several extentions of time to submit the required detailed transportation plan. The last extension expired on July 31, 2019. No transportation plan was ever submitted. As a result of missing this deadline, the Comp Plan amendment proposal was deleted from the city’s current docket. This means that, if the applicants wish to pursue their amendment proposal again, they will be required to start all over with a new docketing request. Bellingham accepts such proposals only once per year with an April 1st deadline for submission of materials. Therefore, the earliest a new proposal could be considered for docketing is April 1, 2020, with appropriate neighborhood notification. We do not know if the applicants actually plan to do this. We’ll keep the neighborhood informed if this proposal comes back to life.

Meeting Summary

San Juan Blvd Timeline